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MyAdmin24 starts with you and grows as you grow.

MyAdmin24 starts with you and grows as you grow.

It provides you with clear and easy standards that enable you -or even your assistant- to manage your IT like an expert.
Standardized IT
the key to maintaining clean and traceable IT structure is to use clear and professional Standards.
Cloud storage
storing your IT configurations on the cloud enables your system to be independent and flexible.
Best Technologies
We understand your needs according to your start-up stage. We use the best and latest technologies, that guarantee high efficiency and stress-free user experience and we provide you with the technology that would help you to go to the next step.

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pay as you go

pay for no more than your needs, as MyAdmin24 adapts to your specific requirements whether you have a small network of computers for your design team, or you have few servers, several networks and a mega number of PCs and MAC's.
Save Personnel Staff
you don't need to hire an IT team -especially if you are in an early stage of your start-up- when you can have an extremely powerful and easy to use web-based ITSM, and full team of geeks behind it!
Quick cost-calculation
contact us now, provide us with some basic information about your IT needs, and have an Idea about approximate monthly cost within a couple of working days.
Save costly human resources and use our full automated mistakes free services. OS updates, software deployment, and security scans, can be automatically carried out. Have stress free nights, and receive a warning SMS/email before a problem can occur.

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pay as you go

Free00 €/mo

  • 1server management
  • 3 devices Software deployment
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Virtual administration


  • 10 server management
  • 20 devices Software deployment
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Virtual administration


  • 20 server management
  • 50+ devices Software deployment
  • 100+ Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Virtual administration

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We are your Tech Angels!

with a broad service collection that we can offer, we are not only your IT support but your Tech angels.

▼Made for Startups▼

MyAdmin24 is designed for start-up's, it understands their needs, and how they can be different from a well-established company. It's flexible, adaptable and diverse just like a start-up.

▼Your Technology Angel▼

not just a classical IT support service, we are here as your tech advisers and consultant. not just an IT management platform, but an environment that can be shaped and personalized around your universe.

▼Always close!▼

you have the geek-force by your side, just one click away!

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