Communication services and beyond …

Have the super power of communication on your side!

One of the main Ideas behind creating MyAdmin24 was to reduce efforts and break down challenges for new businesses to launch and grow.

Also, to provide enterprises with one gate access to important powerful tools, that enable them to be strong and independent.

with MyAdmin24 communication services package, we enable enterprises to go global from day 1!

MyAdmin24 provides various communication services and options. Like setting up a complete phone system (SIP trunking), web conferencing, communication routing and much more.

And through this article, I want to focus on a specific communication management feature.

You can manage programmable communications accounts such as Twilio and Nextmo from one place.

No coding skills needed, simply fill one easy form, choose what you want to achieve, and let us configure the API’s and do the heavy lifting for you.

Even further, you can consult our business communication experts for a plan/package that suits your business the best. with no extra cost!

what can I make with that, for what can I use it?

You can achieve a lot and upgrade your business to a new level of communication with API’s like Twilio and Nextmo.

I will list here few of the most important services that you can get divided into to groups, Voice, and SMS.

  • Reach anyone around the world with the best quality and lowest rates.
  • Get virtual country based number to give an easier access and a better user impression for international clients.
  • Create an easier CRM system by, receiving, making calls, and routing incoming phone calls to the people who can best handle them via one application.
  • Record, store, and transcribe calls for better analysis.
  • Integrate text-to-speech into your workflow.
  • Keep only your personal mobile phone in your pocket, by creating a masking number you can use your private device without revealing your own number.
  • Send out a big number of SMS and get a direct and quick reach for your audience.
  • Update your clients/Users via event dependent SMS’s.
  • Stay on top of your schedule by using SMS reminder system.
  • Use your brand name to send messages around the world.
  • Send out MMS for your lead list as a marketing campaign.

You can link any account you have to MyAdmin24, and let us do the rest of configuration. Consult us if you not sure what suits your needs the best.

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Akram Alfawakheeri

Product manager