Dashboard: your overview, your insight.

The IT dashboard is the main page of your MyAdmin24 Account. It’s your control panel and your window to what’s going on in your system.

In the main page of the Dashboard lay four charts. which they give you general four months overview of your organization.



  • Number of registered devices in your network
  • Number of registered servers in your network
  • updates & installation procedures
  • Number of active users/employees

Under the charts there’s a box shows latest updates, hints or warning messages. And a status bar of MyAdmin24 monitoring.

From the main menu, you can:


  • Manage your account
  • Access your profile, change your setting and edit your personal information.
  • Add, delete or configure a new user or device.
  • Choose additional services or packages
  • Manage your payments

You can also access all your organization information from one place. Like IT-Structure documentation, all Software Licenses, updates history, and antivirus reports. Best of all is that it’s all on the cloud.

Also, from the main page of your account you have a direct access to talk to one of us! just drop a “hi!” and let us know if you need some help/consulting or you just feel like talking 🙂
Why don’t you try it yourself, create an account now and play around a bit, it’s totally free!
Take an overview of how can you use MyAdmin24, what you can achieve with it, and all the features that we offer.

Akram Alfawakheeri

Product manager