Although MyAdmin24 was designed to simplify IT structures and make it super easy to administrate and organize networks.
It’s still a very sophisticated service, with loads of different features and options.That makes it a bit hard for us to provide pre-defined pricing packages, but as we would like to give a glance about what would be the monthly expenses, we have created three packages with the main features (starting – growing – enterprise) refer to the table in the homepage.

Here in this article, we go through those packages in more details, the following table list all the features that are associated to each of them.

Free Statring Growing Enterprise
Virtual administratoin yes Hotline + server checks (PaG) Hotline + server checks (PaG) Hotline + server checks + mentoring
Hotline + User Support Pay as you Go x Credits/month x Credits/month
server managment 1 server 3 servers 10 servers 20+
server checks yes + reports yes+ problem fixing +budget planning”
software deployment 3 PCs 10 PCs 20 Pcs 50+
users and groups 5 users 25 users 50 users 100+
mail & outlook 5 mail boxes 25 mail boxes 50 mail boxes 100+
security management 1 network 1 network 2 networks 5 networks
IP phone optional optional yes
Back up yes monthly reports cloud Backup+ daily report
IT doc. free edition Basic advanced (1 cloud) premium
cloud operation (1 cloud) yes
consulting one time analyziz yes yes yes
FREE 299.00/month 899.00/month 1.999,00 +/month

If you are not sure which one that suits your business the best, try MyAdmin24 for free first and then choose or even design a package, OR contact us for a free consultation and we will help you to design a package that suits your needs the best!

Akram Alfawakheeri

Product manager